HB 2568 Public Hearing and ACLU WV Comments

An extreme 20-week abortion bill was introduced yesterday in the WV House of Delegates. The legislation, HB 2568, fails to protect women who have real medical emergencies.

ACLU-REPRO-Meme (1) It also doesn’t contain an exception for rape or incest – the same troubling issue that halted Congress from acting on similar legislation last week.

READ the bill in its entirety:: http://tinyurl.com/o8j8mt8

JOIN us for a public hearing on HB 2568 this THURSDAY in the House Chambers at 3pm to let YOUR Delegate know that ‪#‎WV‬ women deserve better!

RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/pg7bmmf

ACLU of WV Official Statement on HB 2568

“Laws banning abortion before viability, like House Bill 2568, are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v Wade and subsequent litigation have held that a state may not ban abortion before viability, and a state may ban abortion after viability only if there are exceptions to protect the woman’s health and life.”

“House Bill 2568 does not include an exception for rape or incest. Similar legislation was tabled last week in Congress because GOP Representatives in the House were appalled at the lack of protections for women. House Bill 2568 is the West Virginia version of that bill and as such, equally radical and unfair to women.”

“Every pregnancy is different and each woman needs the best medical care available to her in every situation, especially if she has a high-risk pregnancy. A woman, her family and health care provider are in the best position to make these important medical decisions, not the government.”

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