Panhandling and the Constitution

panhandling_on_wellington_2014_06_24_1We’re busier than ever at ACLU of WV! However, we wanted to make sure to keep you informed about some threats to the rights of homeless and low income people in communities across WV. Jamie Lynn Crofts, ACLU of WV Legal Director, has been monitoring certain proposed city and county ordinances around the state that would make panhandling illegal within the city and county limits. We believe these bans on panhandling would be a clear constitutional violation and have sent letters to the Morgantown City Council, the Martinsburg City Council and the Berkley County Council explaining our concerns.

Below are a couple of news stories about the ordinances and our work to defeat them. We fear that other communities will take similar action and so we are continuing to monitor regions across WV. As always, we will keep you informed about the outcomes in these localities and if any new ordinances pop up.

And please let us know if any of your communities are considering similar anti-panhandling legislation. Feel free to leave a comment below or call 304-345-9246 x102.

Berkley County/Martinsburg Panhandling Story
Morgantown Panhandling Story

-Team ACLU of WV”

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