Protect Our Constitution

Say NO to a Constitutional Convention. 

Several bills and resolutions have been introduced in both the House and Senate that would add West Virginia to the growing list of states calling for a Constitution Convention.

The only Constitutional Convention in U.S. history, in 1787, went far beyond its mandate. Charged with amending the Articles of Confederation to promote trade among the states, the convention instead wrote an entirely new governing document. A convention held today could set its own agenda, too.

Despite reassurances from conservative groups, there is no consensus among legal scholars that either the states or Congress can control what happens once a convention is convened, even if states specify that it is only for a balanced budget amendment or other limited purpose. This means that all areas of the U.S. Constitution would be open to debate with no precedent for the process in place. Your free speech, due process, equal protection rights – to name a few – would be up for consideration. Our entire constitutional framework would be up for debate.

Please come to the House Chamber this Saturday, February 20 to speak out against West Virginia joining other states calling for a Constitution Convention. The public hearing begins at 9AM. Please arrive at least fifteen minutes early to sign in.

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