Stand with WV Women

The WeACLU_SB10_2016st Virginia Legislature passed Senate Bill 10, a constitutionally suspect abortion ban. Please take a moment to ask the governor to veto this dangerous legislation. Call Gov. Tomblin at 304-558-2000 or toll free at 888-438-2731.

Doctors must be able to take a woman’s personal medical circumstances into account and provide her with the best medical care available based on current research and best practices. This bill would remove the safest option available for a woman facing this complex decision.

Similar laws have already been found to be unconstitutional in Kansas and have opened the state up to costly litigation. This is not what West Virginia should be spending its time on.

Contact the governor and ask him to VETO Senate Bill 10 by calling 304-558-2000 or toll free at 888-438-2731.


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